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Upcoming Competitions

February 22-24: Hamilton

February 22-24: Hamilton – Mohawk College

March 14-16 - Burnaby B.C

March 14-16 – Burnaby B.C – Michael J Fox Theatre

March 29-31 - Peterborough

March 29-31 – Peterborough – Showplace Theatre

April 12-14 - York University

April 12-14 – York University

Medals For Placement

Solos, duets and trios each receive medals for placement. Gold medals for first, silver for second and bronze for third. Group/Lines receive ribbons and a trophy for placement.

Special Awards

Special awards are decided on by the judges and will be awarded at each adjudication.

Top Mark

The TOP MARK OF THE SESSION will be awarded at each adjudication and will be awarded a plaque in recognition of their achievement!

Top Studio

The top 10 marks from each studio are calculated and the winning studio will be awarded the title of TOP OVERALL SCORING STUDIO at the close of DANCEFEST. There is a 2nd and 1st runner up as well. At adjudications updates will be announced.

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